The #1 best way to generate more new healthcare patients from your website

The #1 best way to generate more new healthcare patients from your website

At Zipline, we spend a lot of time testing new ways to generate more business for healthcare practices.  While there are always some sort of hot new method to experiment with, if you are really looking to generate new patients, conversion optimization is the first place we recommend you focus.

What is Conversion Optimization?
Conversion optimization is the process of making minor changes to a website to see if they increase the percentage of traffic that contacts you or make a purchase.  This can be a difficult process for an inexperienced marketer but it is very much worth the effort. If you are new to conversion optimization, there are a variety of tools like Google Analytics, CrazyEgg, and Optimizely that can help.

Can you explain it in a way I can understand it?
Many practices aren’t excited by the idea of conversion optimization, but I guarantee if you spend the time to optimize your site, you will be excited by the results. Every dollar spent optimizing the conversion rate of your website amplifies the value of each marketing dollar spent afterwards.  Say for example, you have a conversion rate of 2%.  If you spent $500/month on marketing and got 1000 visitors that would translate into 20 patients, not bad.  If you wanted to grow to 40 patients you would need to spend $1000 dollars each month. You might say, not a big deal if the revenue from the patients is covering the cost. But let me show you what you can expect from a good conversion optimization campaign.

So what should I expect?
Imagine if you spent some time optimizing the conversion rate of your website.  A well-optimized site could have a much higher conversion rate.   What if we spent time optimizing the conversion rate of the site increasing it from the 2% to 5%.  In one month, with the same exact marketing budget, the website would generate 50 new patient leads. If you doubled your marketing budget as mentioned previously, you would reach 40 new patients. After spending time executing a conversion optimization strategy the same increased budget would yield 100 new patients in the same amount of time.

In this example, with a non-conversion optimized website you would spend $12,000/yr in marketing and generate 480 new patients, not bad. If you optimized for conversions, you could spend $6,000 and generate 600 new patients. So if you were to spend $12,000/yr after optimizing, you would pull in a whopping 1,200 new patients with the same exact marketing budget as if you didn’t optimize.

If it’s so easy, why doesn’t everyone do this?
Because it isn’t easy and most people don’t know about conversion optimization or its compounding effects.

So where do I start?
There are a number of great articles on conversion rate optimization online.  Take a look at some of those and don’t worry if they aren’t healthcare specific. While there are some healthcare specific conversion optimization practices, many of the methods you’ll find in these blogs span multiple industries and will work for any website. Also, if you would like assistance with your conversion optimization, we can help.  We even offer a a free healthcare website conversion rate analysis that you can take advantage of.  It will help you identify low hanging fruit you can focus on immediately.  During our free consultation, we will provide you with a list of tools you can use to better track your conversion rate.


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